2 to 5 year olds

Ballet & creative dance

Wednesday and Friday

These classes are segmented into 4 different sections according to age and level. Designed for children who want to start dancing from a young age which produces self-confidence, poise, balance, agility and much more...


Ballet & Creative

Dance I (ages 2 - 3.5)

This class is designed for children who want to dance but are not quite old enough to join a ballet class. Games, stories, imagination and music are used to teach balance, co-ordination, rhythm, movement, basic ballet steps as well as miming and expressing through the body as well as gross-motor skills (skipping, galloping, jumps etc.)

Ballet & Creative

Dance II (ages 3.5 - 5)

Ballet basics and steps, terminology, structure of a ballet class, time signatures, improvising, combination of ballet fundamentals and creative movement with ballet/fairy-tale music, stories, costumes/props. New stretching exercises and early acrobatics (bridges etc.) to develop poise, grace, balance, agility and confidence.

Ballet lessons cost CHF 135 per month. There is a family discount if more than one child attend classes.