Our daughter has been and loved this Cogmo school since she was 6 mouth old ( she is 3 and half now).

This school is amazing, there is a lot of space to play, climb, jump and this helped my daughter to improve her balance, her body and her first feet.

There is also a cozy space upstairs full of toys and with different dresses and it is also the place where they cooked their cookies or cupcakes, etc. They do a lot of projects with different things that kids love.


Teachers are super, they are gentle with children and parents, we love all of them and especially Sally, she is like the big mother of all the kids, she helps you for everything.


We are Italian and we moved here and we didn’t know nobody but in this school we also made different friends because I could talk with the other mothers during the activity of our kids.


There is no pressure to leave the children alone, you can take your time, nobody push you to do it and this was so important for me, especially at the beginning when she was little. No pressure for the timing as well, another plus especially because we live faraway from Zumikon and we all know that with kids is always difficult to organize everything. No pressure to choose how many days you want to go.


Another thing that we love so much are the videos and photos that I receive every single day about the activity (painting, cutting, etc.) ballet, music of my daughter. There is also the possibility to do the swimming pool courses with Sally.


I would definitely keep this amazing school in mind for a second child!


Many thanks to Sally for her humanity and her great  capacity with kids, good job!!! Keep going like this !

I. Z., 2018

A Great Place for Mom & Baby! If you are looking for an awesome place to meet other parents with babies the same age as yours, then this is the place for you!


It highly stimulates your child and the developmental milestones that they reach (sometimes earlier, thanks to the play classes) are amazing! I can't recommend this place enough. The first class is free so why not? 

Suzanne, 2017

Cogmo has been a huge part of my children's daily lives and development for years. Since my eldest daughter was 3 months old we have attended classes, and now both my daughters attend the preschool as well as swimming and ballet classes. Cogmo has provided my children with a safe and rich learning environment. The teachers and staff are patient, knowledgeable and caring, and it is priceless knowing they are in such capable hands. 

Paula de Leon Schmid, 2017

My daughter attended the Cogmo preschool Monday to Friday, from age two to three and a half. During her time there she became more confident, independent and sociable.

She learnt her colours and shapes and became very good at recognising letters and numbers. She also developed very good arts and crafts skills. I feel she got a very well rounded early education which also included lots of fun playtime and music in a safe and happy environment. When she started at her new school this August, she was very easy to integrate and was also more advanced in her early school skills due to her time at Cogmo.

She goes to ballet and swimming with Cogmo every week and has made some nice friends. She has really enjoyed her time there and my son will be starting Cogmo preschool next year.

Alexis G., 2016