All ages



With an emphasis on practical language skills, Cogmo's native English teachers offers fun, interactive English language courses for all ages and skill levels. 

Your child can begin to speak and understand English through our small language classes. Hands-on activities such as crafts, role play, and games are incorporated to include new vocabulary and to familiarize your child with comfortable and fun English speaking environments. They will be surprising you before you know it whether they are 2 or 5!

Give your child the invaluable opportunity that language provides at a time when their brains are most suited for learning!

Cogmo also offers English courses for children with varied English experience. Your child will be placed in one of our small classes according to their skill level, and all courses incorporate aspects for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Our use of daily English expands as your child gains familiarity with the language. And don't worry...the games, creativity, and role play are used in at every level!


Intermediate through native English speakers are taught to read and write as they continue to be exposed to typical scenarios, conversations, and activities with our native speaking English teacher. Enjoy the evening reading with your child as they learn new letters and words and share their excitement with you.