*cogmo kids bilingual pre-school

*Focusing on enhancing the cognitive as well as motor development of children to prepare them for their next steps in education, be it integration into the swiss kindergarten system or private schooling.


Since August 2015 Cogmo kids pre-school program has been in operation, offering limited places while maintaining small group sizes that focus on the specific needs of each child.

Cogmo pre-school target age group is between 18 months and 4.5 years (+/-). This is when children are engaged in significant developmental work including self-construction and building functional independence, therefore their first „school“ experience is most impressionable!

Using the „discovery“-model and a completely bilingual (English/German) approach that focuses on learning through play, the children’s „work“ (purposeful activities) will include:

~Gross and fine motor play

~Art and music

~Imaginary themes

~Story telling

~Early math and reading/writing concepts


... young children effortlessly assimilate the stimuli of their environment including language, culture, the development of concepts, information from the senses ...

The Cogmo learning environment will offer activities and materials that promote:

~Acquisition of Language

~Interest in and manipulation of small objects

~Connection between objects and concepts

~Sensory refinement

~Social and school skills


We have more than 150 sq meters indoors devoted to gross motor activities,

                a fine motor/sensorial/ imaginary play activity area,

                               a separate Art and Music room,

                                               AND multiple GREAT outdoor facilities on our doorstep!


Our curriculum also includes:

- Ballet/creative dance

- Sports (eg ball sports, tumbling, yoga, climbing etc)

- German for beginners

- English for beginners

- Special sensory stimulation classes


Separation anxiety for parents and little ones is always an issue when thinking of pre-school! We will accommodate your family’s needs and encourage parents to stay, if they  feel their child needs them there, and to be involved as long as it is necessary to settle their little one into the program!


Our pre-school is fully inclusive, offering places to all children. We have a close working relationship with “Heilpedagoginen” and other therapists to provide a safe and caring environment for children who may have special needs including

       Special dietary needs including severe allergies

       Autistic spectrum

       Down, Rett, Dravet, Rubenstein Tabi syndrome etc

Other physical and cognitive delays, and behavioural issues



Cogmo Kids Pre-school is a licenced KITA

Where all children get the best possible start!

We are enthusiastic and creative in our dedication to early childhood education. Understanding the needs of each child, and the link between school, home and family, the teaching Team provides an encouraging learning environment, preparing your child for their first years in school.


Ages 18 months to 5 years. Our small class size and high teacher-student ratio make learning fun and effective through our multi-sensory approach, in a positive learning Environment.


Little ballerinas learn their first dance steps through simple exercises, imagination and ballet stories with fabulous props and beautiful costumes giving them self-confidence, poise, and much more...