Hello Cogmo Kids families,
The first quarter of 2019 is over, and hopefully, spring will eventually come, after the weather has relapsed back to winter a few times!

As we move into the 2nd quarter the big kids are all hard at work preparing for their transition to Kindergarten. Sandy and Alex are singing lots of the Swiss kindergarten songs during circle time, the children have many worksheets to improve fine motor skills and concentration. In addition, we are helping the kids be more autonomous, in preparation for their start at kindergarten.
It is really impressive how they suddenly all mature and grow so tall!

We would like to have a graduation event towards the end of June, so that the majority of the children can attend before leaving on summer holidays. Please let me know if you have any time away planned so we can schedule this event well in advance.

As we regretfully say goodbye to the kids going to kindergarten, we do hope that most will join us for our English Story-time activities, which have been a great success this past school year. These will continue on a Thursday afternoon, from lunchtime or 13.30 to +-16:30with children coming from kindergartens in Zumikon and the surrounding areas, to join in the Story-time, Ballet, sports and creative activities. In addition to Thursday afternoons, after kindergarten activities (painting, baking, etc) are arranged on other afternoons.

We are welcoming 2 new families at the beginning of May. For your information, one of our new children has very serious food allergies including all milk products and nuts. We will be very strict in monitoring snack times, and not-sharing food in the future. Please be aware of this and discuss planning your child's birthday celebrations etc with me prior to the event.

With this in mind, and as ongoing training for our teaching team, we are organising a refresher course in “First Aid on Children”. If any parents or carers would be interested in attending this course early in May, please let me know as soon as possible.

There are places available for more little ones to join us in the next few months so that we can start the new school year in August/September on a strong footing. Please spread the word to your friends with young children, to come and see how happy your kids are at Cogmo Kids Pre-school.

We will be hosting some “Moms and Tots” afternoons during May and June to introduce our pre-school to families with young children. Cogmo invites families for afternoons of fun in our fabulous soft play area, plus music and creative activities, and a chance to meet others with children of a similar age.

Snack time for kids and tea and coffee on offer for the adults!

Open afternoons Mondays 20th and 27th May, 3rd June from 15:15 to 17:00

Tuesday 21st and 28th May, 4th June from 14:00 to 15:30

 Have a super, sunny 1st of May!

Kind regards,


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